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Who we are

Empowering Ghana's Farmers with Smart Solutions

Smart Farm Ghana stands as an avant-garde climate-smart farming initiative, meticulously cultivated within the expanse of a 1000-acre farmland. Diverging from the conventional climate-vulnerable farming paradigms widespread in Ghana, our project introduces a pioneering fusion of innovation to counteract climate change while orchestrating the attainment of elevated and enduring yields.

Rooted in strong collaboration, our journey commenced with a resolute group of 31 participants during the highly successful pilot phase in 2022. Embarking upon full-scale operations, our initiative is poised to seamlessly integrate the efforts of over 500 small-scale farmers, heralding progress that resonates across more than 500 households nestled within the Yagaba community of Ghana's esteemed Northeast Region

What we do

Transforming Agriculture, One Smart Farmer at a Time

Smart Farm Ghana stands as a beacon of support for farmers, distinctly designating arable tracts of land while concurrently offering a suite of indispensable assistance. Our commitment encompasses a holistic spectrum, spanning from vital financing to the provisioning of tailored modified seeds and a robust education platform dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, we extend our embrace by providing essential farming equipment, spanning seeding to harvesting, fostering efficiency at every step.

Our unwavering commitment extends beyond mere support, as we stand resolute in the procurement of premium-grade produce from our esteemed smart growers. Adhering to the principles of equity and excellence, we ensure that the remuneration reflects the quality of our smart growers agricultural yields. This dedication continues as we seamlessly transition to our own state-of-the-art processing facility. Here, the harvested bounty will be meticulously transformed into a diversified portfolio of finished products, catering to local consumption needs as well as catering to discerning export markets.

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Our Core

Simplifying Farming For Local Farmers.

  • At Smart farmers Ghana our goal is to empower small scale farmers and promote sustainable agriculture through the provision of comprehensive climate-smart farming services and systems and creating viable revenue and livelihood sources for farmers and communities.

  • Smart Farmers Ghana, is dedicated to supporting small scale farmers in adopting climate-smart practices and building resilient agricultural systems. We strive to provide financial assistance, state-of-the-art machinery, efficient irrigation solutions to ensure year-round farming, and comprehensive training to farmers. Our mission is to ensure sustainable farming practices, foster community development, and create a reliable, ready market that offers fair prices for farmers' produce while contributing to the creation of sustainable food systems.

  • Our vision is to establish Smart Farmers Ghana, as a leading community-based initiative that transforms the agricultural landscape by promoting climate-smart farming techniques. We envision a future where small-scale farmers have access to the necessary resources and knowledge that will not only ensure food security but mitigate the effects of climate change, enhance productivity, and secure sustainable livelihoods. By building strong partnerships, fostering innovation, and prioritizing environmental stewardship, Smart Farmers Ghana aims to create a resilient and thriving climate smart farming community that serves as a model for sustainable agriculture worldwide.

  • At Smart Farmers Ghana, our sole focus is rice production. We take pride in collaborating with local farmers to cultivate the finest rice in Ghana. Through innovation and sustainable practices, we ensure exceptional quality in every grain. With our exclusive dedication to rice, we support local communities and deliver excellence to consumers.

Key SDGs Supported

Our Concept

The Operation Model

Our Team

We Are A Great Family

We succeed when our clients succeed. To effectively manage risk, we built a proprietary risk engine that uses data pulled from APIs, financials provided by our clients, and machine learning to model a company’s future growth.

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Benjamin Memeh

Chief Executive Officer
Benjamin Memeh is the founder and chairman smart farmers ghana
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Iddrisu Faisal Ibrahim

Public Affairs Director
As the public affairs director, He plays a key role in the organizations strategic planning, actively promotes our objectives, coordinating communication efforts with partners, advocacy and stakeholder
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Osman Mahama

Finance Director
As finance director Osman overseas all our financial aspects; from planning to budgeting, financial reporting and analysis and providing strategic financial guidance
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Zinale Kennedy

Technical Director
As technical director kennedy is land economist and an environmentalist, he combines he’s technical knowledge, practical expertise and management skills to support our farmers adopt climate-smart techniques
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Epiphania Jamila Atosona

Sales Manager
As sales manager contribute significantly to creating sustainable revenue and livelihood sources for Smart Farmers Ghana and our farmers by driving sales

Our Objectives Are

  • To increase access to climate-smart farming technologies and practices like irrigation using solar powered boreholes or water supplies among others that will enhance the resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change.
  • To promote sustainable land-use practices like agroforestry to enhance soil fertility, conserve biodiversity and promote ecological sustainability.
  • To increase the productivity and and wealth creation among smallholder farmers through improved access to ready markets, fair prices and value chain development.
  • Improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of children and women in the local community that are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change through the sustainable income generation and clean water supply from the solar powered water supply systems.
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Proposed Activities for Achieving Our Objectives


Training , capacity building and Technology transfer: We will work with local partners to provide smallholder farmers with access to climate-smart farming technologies such as drip irrigation systems, solar-powered water pumps, and improved seeds.: We organize regular training workshops for smallholder farmers on climate-smart farming practices, including the use of drought-resistant/ climate resilient seeds, agroforestry, and conservation agriculture. We also provide training on sustainable land-use practices to our farmers to ensure proper land management and a sustainable greener tomorrow ,We will work with local partners to provide smallholder farmers with access to climate-smart farming technologies such as drip irrigation systems, solar-powered water pumps, and improved seeds.


Market development: We work with smallholder farmers to produce high quality produce that will be purchased by the Initiative on very fair pricing system that reflects the quality of the produce. The project would then develop local value chains for the high-quality produce including, processing the procduce, establishing linkages with local markets, securing certification schemes such as organic and fair trade, that will allow us to explore bigger markets both locally and abroad for the sales of our finished products.


Community engagement: We engage and dialogue with local communities to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable agriculture and encourage them to adopt climate-smart farming practices. This is achieved through well organised community durbars where every member of the community including the chief and elders are fully involved.

Our Partners