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We're a dynamic community-based initiative revolutionising agriculture in Ghana. Our comprehensive climate-smart farming project offers farmers a holistic solution, including essential financial support, advanced machinery, state-of-the-art smart irrigation systems, and expert training. By equipping farmers with the tools and knowledge they need, we're fostering sustainable practices that enhance both crop yield and environmental resilience. Our commitment to long-term success is what sets us apart. we not only empower farmers but also create a self-sustaining ecosystem. We purchase the high-quality produce from our farmers, ensuring a steady income stream that uplifts families and entire communities. Together, we cultivate growth, sustainability, shaping greener prosperous future  and shared success

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    Streamlining Agriculture for Local Farmers

    we aim to establish smart irrigation system fully powered by solar energy to enable our smart growers, grow crops all year round while providing storage and other equipment for farming. We have set up regular climate smart training programs for farmers and ensuring continuous monitoring and evaluation for our operations among other activities.
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    Our Core

    Simplifying Farming For Local Farmers.

    • At Smart farmers Ghana our goal is to empower small scale farmers and promote sustainable agriculture through the provision of comprehensive climate-smart farming services and systems and creating viable revenue and livelihood sources for farmers and communities.

    • Smart Farmers Ghana, is dedicated to supporting small scale farmers in adopting climate-smart practices and building resilient agricultural systems. We strive to provide financial assistance, state-of-the-art machinery, efficient irrigation solutions to ensure year-round farming, and comprehensive training to farmers. Our mission is to ensure sustainable farming practices, foster community development, and create a reliable, ready market that offers fair prices for farmers' produce while contributing to the creation of sustainable food systems.

    • Our vision is to establish Smart Farmers Ghana, as a leading community-based initiative that transforms the agricultural landscape by promoting climate-smart farming techniques. We envision a future where small-scale farmers have access to the necessary resources and knowledge that will not only ensure food security but mitigate the effects of climate change, enhance productivity, and secure sustainable livelihoods. By building strong partnerships, fostering innovation, and prioritizing environmental stewardship, Smart Farmers Ghana aims to create a resilient and thriving climate smart farming community that serves as a model for sustainable agriculture worldwide.

    • At Smart Farmers Ghana, our sole focus is rice production. We take pride in collaborating with local farmers to cultivate the finest rice in Ghana. Through innovation and sustainable practices, we ensure exceptional quality in every grain. With our exclusive dedication to rice, we support local communities and deliver excellence to consumers.

    Key SDGs Supported

    Our Innovations

    Transforming Agriculture through cutting-edge innovative solutions


    Solar-Powered Excellence

    Our solar-powered irrigation system, aims to draw water sustainably from solar boreholes and pumps, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a reliable power source for irrigation and all farm related production.


    Intelligent Soil Care

    By integrating advanced soil sensors, our smart growers gain real-time insights on soil moisture, temperature and nutrients level enabling informed irrigation and cultivation decisions, optimising yields and conserving water.


    Weather Wisdom

    Our system seamlessly links to weather networks, providing real-time forecasts for precise planting, irrigation planning, eliminating guesswork and the impacts of unpredicted weather.

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    Automated Precision

    Our innovation's core is automated irrigation, using soil sensors and weather data for precise watering, saving time and effort while optimizing crop health and productivity.

    We are working around the clock to develop our mobile app that allows farmers to remotely monitor soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels right on their smartphones, reducing the need for physical presence in the field while advancing efficiency 

    Meet The Team

    The Perfect Team for a Smart Farm Project

    Our distinguished team is comprised of highly skilled experts who bring a wealth of quality experience .

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    Iddrisu Faisal Ibrahim

    Public Affairs Director
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    Osman Mahama

    Finance Director
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    Zinale Kennedy

    Technical Director

    Project Location

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    North East Region, Ghana

    Yagaba community

    Sustainability Journey: From Agrarian Roots to Climate Activism

    My journey as a fervent advocate for climate and environmental sustainability has been deeply shaped by my upbringing in a quintessential agrarian community, where my family's sustenance relied heavily on rain-fed agriculture. The palpable effects of climate change on food production and the overall well-being of our population were vividly apparent throughout my childhood.These formative experiences instilled within me an unwavering commitment to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of my community. This commitment propelled me on a quest for comprehensive insights into the intricate dynamics of climate change, its intricate relationship with food production, and the imperative strategies of effective mitigation and adaptation.

    This unwavering aspiration paved the way for the establishment of Smart Farmers Ghana, an embodiment of sustainable community upliftment and equitable prosperity. Our initiative stands as a testament to the principles of shared wealth and collaborative support, aimed at ushering in a future where communities thrive in harmony with the environment.

    Join me in this profound journey toward sustainability, as we collectively work to ensure the welfare of both our communities and our planet


    Benjamin Memeh
    CEO Of Smart Farmers, Ghana
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    Mamuna Ibrahim

    “I am very thankful for the unflinching support Smart Farmers Ghana offers. I am now able to cultivate more than an acre with all inputs provided. my yields have doubled"

    Bismark Zakari

    “Farming is made much easier and greatly efficient through the holistic support I receive. My yields have doubled with the smart and sustainable techniques I've been introduced to. I'm a happy farmer”

    Kayaga Atanga

    “As a single mum, I'm now able to feed my four(4) children and pay their school fees through the sustainable income flow from my fully financed rice farm.”


    what our customer's say

    At Smart Farmers Ghana, our clients and farmers are at the heart of everything we do. Here's what some of our valued Smart growers have to say about their experience with us:

    Theresa Suhuyini

    since the demise of my husband 2 years ago, it's been practically impossible to engage in farming due to financial difficulties. SFG has changed the story of my family, we produce enough to feed and sell.

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    Our Objectives

    • To increase access to climate-smart farming technologies and practices like irrigation using solar powered boreholes or water supplies among others that will enhance the resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change.
    • To promote sustainable land-use practices like agroforestry to enhance soil fertility, conserve biodiversity and promote ecological sustainability.
    • To increase the productivity and and wealth creation among smallholder farmers through improved access to ready markets, fair prices and value chain development.
    • Improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of children and women in the local community that are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change through the sustainable income generation and clean water supply from the solar powered water supply systems.

    Our Partners