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Meet Our Exceptional Team

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Benjamin Memeh

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Benjamin Memeh, a passionate climate and environmental advocate, is leading efforts to address climate change challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana. Growing up in an agrarian community, Mr. Memeh witnessed the direct impact of climate change on food production and community well-being. This ignited his determination to deepen his understanding of climate change, its effects on agriculture, and effective mitigation and adaptation strategies. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Resource Development and a Master's degree in Population Studies from the University of Ghana, as well as an MSc in Climate Change, Development, and Policy from the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, Mr. Memeh is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to make a meaningful difference. He founded Smart Farmers Ghana, a community-based initiative dedicated to empowering small-scale farmers with tools and support to transition to smarter, cleaner, and sustainable farming practices. Through Smart Farmers Ghana, Mr. Memeh and his team provide farmers with modified seeds, farm equipment, smart irrigation systems, financial assistance, and climate-smart farming techniques. The project not only fosters environmental responsibility but also creates a reliable market that ensures fair prices for farmers' produce, generating steady and sustainable income for them and their families. Additionally, the initiative grants scholarships to exceptional children of small-scale farmers, relieving the financial burden and paving the way for a brighter future. Mr. Memeh envisions expanding Smart Farmers Ghana's reach to support more smallholder farmers and communities. By advocating for the widespread adoption of smart agricultural practices, he aims to secure food production, promote sustainability, and create a greener tomorrow. Through his dedication, Mr. Memeh is driving impactful change in the fight against climate change and shaping the future of farming in Ghana and beyond.
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Iddrisu Faisal Ibrahim

Public Affairs director
Faisal is not only a dedicated and seasoned educator but also an accomplished rice farmer, enriching our organisation with a wealth of multifaceted expertise. His multifarious contributions span strategic planning, positioning us on a definitive trajectory toward sustainable agricultural practices. Faisal serves as a resolute advocate for our mission, fostering seamless communication with our valued partners to facilitate collaborative initiatives. With an unwavering commitment to our shared goals, Faisal plays an integral role in orchestrating stakeholder engagement, galvanising our vision of implementing sustainable climate-smart farming practices across our farming community. His diligent efforts and astute leadership stand as a beacon, ensuring the enduring prosperity and well-being of our farmers. Together, we forge a path towards a future characterised by thriving, adaptive, and resilient agricultural methodologies. Experience the dynamic synergy of Faisal's educational acumen and agricultural prowess as he empowers us all towards a promising tomorrow in agriculture.
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Osman Mahama

Finance director
At the core of our team, Osman assumes a pivotal role, meticulously overseeing every facet of our financial landscape. His strategic acumen and unwavering dedication stand as cornerstones in safeguarding the fiscal health and resilience of our organisation. Through a comprehensive spectrum spanning strategic planning, meticulous budgeting, intricate financial reporting, and incisive analysis, Osman harnesses his expertise to adeptly navigate the intricate realm of finance. Detail-oriented and well-versed in the intricacies of our operations, Osman serves as a beacon of financial prudence, diligently aligning our fiscal strategies with our overarching goals and objectives. His astute guidance steers us towards prudent financial decisions, perpetuating a trajectory of prosperity. With a robust academic foundation in BSc in Mathematics and Economics and an MPhil in Computational Mathematics, complemented by over six years of hands-on farming experience, Osman is uniquely positioned to bridge the realms of finance and agriculture. His active membership in esteemed bodies such as the Peasant Farmers Association of the Upper East Region and the Seed Growers Association of Ghana underscores his commitment to both our organization and the broader agricultural community. Through Osman's indomitable expertise and resolute dedication, he fortifies our collective endeavour, propelling us towards sustained success and enduring viability.

Epiphania Jamila Atosona

Sales Manager
Meet Epiphania, a seasoned nutrition nurse and a consummate business professional, who occupies a pivotal role in sculpting Smart Farmers Ghana's enduring financial landscape. Epiphania's astute prowess shines through in her adept orchestration of sales initiatives and establishment of vital customer and market linkages. Her unwavering commitment mirrors our resolute mission of advancing sustainable climate-smart farming services. Epiphania's contributions resonate on multiple fronts, actively driving the economic expansion of our organisation while concurrently cultivating avenues of enduring prosperity for our farmers. Through her unwavering dedication and methodical strategy, she deftly broadens our service horizons, thus fostering a far-reaching clientele that echoes the well-being of our farmers and reinforces the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. Her multifaceted expertise intertwines with our vision, positioning Epiphania as an instrumental catalyst in steering Smart Farmers Ghana toward a horizon of shared growth and sustained economic empowerment. Join us in celebrating Epiphania's impactful endeavours, as she remains an instrumental cornerstone in shaping our sustainable future
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Kennedy Zinale

Technical Director
Kennedy, a distinguished land economist and dedicated environmental steward, channels his technical and pragmatic proficiency, and adept management capabilities to bolster our smart farmers' journey towards the integration of climate-smart methodologies. By optimising productivity and cultivating sustainable revenue streams, Kennedy champions a holistic approach that resonates across all stakeholders. Fuelled by a profound comprehension of agricultural economics, Kennedy stands as an unwavering beacon, offering invaluable counsel that empowers farmers to make well-informed decisions and execute optimal farming techniques. His sagacious guidance serves as a compass for navigating the intricate terrain of the agricultural sector, facilitating the attainment of long-term success and resiliency. Drawing from a multifaceted skill set, Kennedy orchestrates a symphony of sustainable practices, positioning him as a driving force behind our farming community's prosperous future. His indelible contributions culminate in a tapestry of shared growth and prosperity, enveloping every facet of our agricultural ecosystem.